Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogging with Hollywood

Blogging Hollywood Style
I’m glad you asked this question, you asked me this before you left and I have done some thinking about it. I think there are a bunch of guys doing steroids and after looking at it closer the three guys I would like to talk about are Emil Brown, Carlos Quentin, and Todd Helton.

First, Emil Brown. How does a guy come from nowhere and start hitting? In his ESPN profile he is called a “late bloomer.” I am not talking about him coming out this year; he started hitting in 2005, when he was 30! That seems a little peculiar that a 30 year old bulks up and starts hitting out of nowhere.

Next, Carlos Quentin. This guy already has as many homers this year as he has his entire career. He even looks like Jose Canseco, with all the same mannerisms. He appears to be a showboat and a little hot tempered at times. Can you say, Brady Anderson??

Lastly, Todd Helton. This guy went from hitting 40 plus homers a year and averaging 330, to now barely hitting 15 and 300. Coincidentally, as soon as the steroid crack down came, his offensive numbers dropped as well. I don’t think he is/was the only player using steroids on the Rockies. Take a look at some of their players now; sure are a lot of injuries??

Notables that almost made my top three: Eric Byrnes, Matt Holliday, Brad Hawpe, Garrett Atkins, Lance Berkman, Ivan Rodriguez, Johnny Peralta, Vladimir Guerrero… just to name a few.

Now I’ll ask you, since I named so many, can you tell me a few guys that you believe are on the juice. The catch; only pitchers. I think it is easy to spot a position player all juiced up, but I can never tell with the pitcher.


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Anonymous said...

Helton is a great hitter but his home run output is suspect for sure. Crap I didn't even know the other two guys but upon further inspection... Agreed.
What no Pujols?