Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pitchers on Roids?

When it comes to finding steroid cheats it helps to find managers who have a reputation for looking the other way. So when looking for steroid cheats I will go to the king of looking the other way… Tony La Russa, he of the Bash Brothers era -- Canseco and McGwire.

Jason Isringhausen – He missed the team's World Series run because of hip surgery… at 36? Hip surgery? This one does not take a genius to figure out.

Chris Carpenter – An absolute bust with Toronto. Signs with the Cardinals and becomes a Cy Young winner overnight… presently on the DL with elbow problem. Don’t look for him to be more than a #4 starter from here on out… if that!

Todd Wellemeyer
A complete bust with the Cubs and KC. Never close to a 2 to 1 strike out to walk ratio.
This year 53 SO - 22 Walks. Look for him to win 18 to 20 and then it’s DL list for this guy.

A blind man could figure this one out…

Dishonorable mention – Mota, Farnsworth, Mulder, Pedro M. Wainwright

Finally, I hate to say it but I think our own Kerry Wood and Mark Prior were juicers. Looks like Wood is off the roids (look at his size) but I suspect he just moved over to HGH which is not detectable. Wood may find some success as a reliever because now he only throws 10 to 20 pitches an outing… but I’ll bet a dollar he does not make it through the whole season… truth hurts.

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