Monday, June 02, 2008

How can a parent love and troubled child?

When the whole Big Mac/Sosa race was occurring I had no clue as to the existence of a ‘steroid era’. I believed the ball was juiced or the stadiums were small. After all, that is what all of the television announcers were telling me.

Then I read two books ‘Game of Shadows’ and ‘Juicing the Game’. This is when I became aware of how big of a role steroids had been playing in the game of baseball.

What really bugged me was how the MLB announcers (Joe Morgan), who I believe knew what was going on, ignored the truth. Not a single MLB announcer had the guts to say “wait a minute… the balls aren’t juiced… the players are!!”

I don’t think they (MLB mouthpieces) trusted the fans with the truth. But those of us who love the game know that nobody is bigger than the game itself. Pete Rose learned that. And now so have Bonds, Clemens, Morgan, Selig and Fehr, etc…

It is difficult to walk the line of critic and fan but to honor the game we must not ignore what is so obviously damaging the game.

Your question was- How do you go about rooting and supporting the Cubs and still stay strong in your beliefs?

That is a very good question and one I have been struggling with for a while now, and there is no simple answer… but I do know this.

The game belongs to us… the fans.
It is OUR game… we will not abandon it and we will not to lie to protect it. And as long as we are not afraid to speak up while seeking the truth - the game will survive.

While I may not respect the cheats who stained the game, I will always respect the game. And while there may be steroid cheaters on the Cubs, I will always love the Cubs.
And though the truth can sometimes be inconvenient and difficult, I will always do my best to seek out the truth.

For the love of the game…

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