Sunday, June 01, 2008

then and now

Well, I hear you that you think Kerry Wood might be on the juice. I just don’t want to admit it to myself, which I guess makes me just as bad as all those Bonds’ supporters if it is true. When ever I talk to my friends, that are south side fans, they insist that he is. It is sad but until I hear his name reported somewhere, some document, I have to keep rooting for the guy. I guess I am a little naive when it comes to the topic of steroids. I never even thought about steroids until the topic became mainstream. I mean, Sammy Sosa, playing for my home town team, I never even thought about it. When did you take first notice of the issue? Was it when the Big Mac, Sosa run was happening or after? The way the game and media spun it then was that the ball was juiced, not the players. I guess we know differently now.

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