Friday, October 10, 2008

Cubbie Sense

It is no secret that everyone loves a winner. Bandwagons are full of lost souls who can't endure the weight of life's cruel realities. We Cub fans understand this more than most. It is no secret that it takes very little fortitude to support the winners in this world. Only a chosen few can hold close and remain devoted to those who are down and those who are out. There are no bandwagons for us. Rest assured that the failure that has forged our loyalty will one day end... but until that day comes we will stand by our team and continue to support and respect the game we love. Our allegiance, our dependability, and our steadfastness will not dissolve into the waters of defeat. These things that are hard now will one day become the pillars of strength that will hold us up in triumph. And the day will come when our resolve is rewarded with victory... but until then we stand tall. We stand proud. We stand together. We are Cub fans.

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