Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I remember it well…

Sometimes you hold on to your memories… and sometimes they hold on to you...

The 2008 World Series was one of those memories... as I recall…

Game 1 – @ Boston
Lester throws a one hitter.
Lowe and Lester dueled into the ninth both pitching shutouts. Lester was tossing a no-no until Jeff Kent’s pinch hit homer in the top of the ninth. That was the only hit for the Dodgers but it put them ahead 1-0 going into the bottom half.
After a Pedroia walk, Big Papi goes deep to win it in the bottom half of the inning.

WP – Lester
LP – Saito

Boston – 1 Dodgers – 0

Game 2 - @ Boston
Manny hits three dingers… but Jason Bay meets the challenge and takes Billingsley downtown twice. In a 12 inning, 5 hour, 7-6 Red Sox victory… Boston takes a two game lead.

WP – Papelbon
LP – Billingsley

Boston – 2 Dodgers – 0

Game 3 – @ Los Angeles
In a 12 -11 error fest the Dodgers get back in it. Dodgers jump on top 10-2 with a grand slam by Nomar Garciaparra. The Red Sox roar back but the rally stalled when a fan reached out and touched a fair ball returning the tying run to third where it was stranded in the bottom of the ninth.

WP – Maddux
LP – Dice K

Boston – 2 Dodgers - 1

Game 4 - @ Los Angeles
Lester pitches another gem but ex-Sox Derek Lowe does him one better. The Dodgers pull even in the series scoring on back to back doubles by Ethier and Lowe. 2-1 Dodgers. The Dodgers turn 5 double plays.
WP – Lowe
LP – Lester

Boston – 2 Dodgers - 2

Game 5 - @ Los Angeles
The Dodgers looked to hold home field and go ahead in the series but end up blowing a 4-1 lead in the ninth. JD Drew goes deep with the bases loaded in the top of the ninth to give the Red Sox a 5-4 win.
WP – Burnett
LP – Broxton

Boston – 3 Dodgers - 2

Game 6 - @ Boston
Back to Boston. The series looked all but over till Papelbon walks in the winning run with the bases loaded. Broxton strikes out Big Papi for the final out. On to game seven.
WP – Broxton
LP – Papelbon

Boston – 3 Dodgers - 3

Game 7 - @ Boston
The two teams trade blows with the score going back and forth until the score is tied 6-6 in the bottom of the ninth… with two out…
Broxton comes in to pitch to JD Drew. Boston has the bases loaded. The count is full.
Broxton reaches back and fires a 100mph fastball… Drew takes a tremendous rip…

...anyway it was one hell of a World Series and I’ll never forget it… or was it the Phillies and Tampa Bay?  

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