Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Fan Tries To Speak Out

I am blessed with a wife who loves baseball as much as I do and we enjoy the game on every level. And even though she is a Dodger fan I still love her. She knows I am a Cub fan and she loves me too. She understands that to be a Cub fan one must have an even deeper love… a love for baseball. A century of losing puts winning in perspective and one comes to terms with the simple fact that, in the end, it is the game that we love.

And with that love for baseball comes a love of history and statistics. So when I began to consider the effect the steroid era had on statistics I began to feel despair. The integrity of the game I loved had been smudged at least. The statistics were thrown askew and most of all, those that covered the game on TV were essentially apologizing for what had become this “unfortunate set of circumstances.” They were effectively “looking the other way”.

As I asked around I found that most true baseball fans were feeling the way I was. Were we going to look the other way too? What could we do? And that’s when I struck upon an idea…

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