Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Foam Steroid/Asterisk!!

Now the story of the foam steoid asterisk is an adventure in itself. Even though the LA Times, Newsday and several radio stations have given us a blip on the baseball radar screen we have only sold a few thousand foam Steroid/Asterisks. Did you know that one thousand asterisks were waved in Shea Stadium in May 2006? Oh you never heard that? That’s odd isn’t it? Well remember what I said… there are those that choose to look the other way. And sometimes those that look the other way are the ones who hold power and influence.

But this is America. This is our national pastime. And I wasn’t about to look the other way this time. I let Hank down once before and I wasn’t about to do it again. Now you may be asking yourself. Why haven’t I heard about this asterisk? Well it isn’t because I have not been trying. Let me tell you a little story about my trying to reach you, the fan.

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