Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Step 1: Have a Foam Asterisk Manufactured

I hit the phones and called the top three foam finger manufacturers. As it turns out I could only find three manufacturers that can make foam Steroid/Asterisks that cheap enough to sell. That is unless you go to China, but I was not about to have our baseball Foam Steroid/Asterisks made in China.

So I called the USA boys.

“Can you make a foam product for me?”

“Sure that’s what we do! What do you need?”

“I need a foam asterisk.”

“Foam asterisk? What for?”

I went on to explain the Foam Steroid/Asterisk. And to make a long story short, they said…

“Oh we can’t do that; we have licensing relationships with MLB.”

When I asked if they would put that in writing one said "we can't make it... we don't want to step on anyone's toes". The other said “I don’t think so” and abruptly hung up on me.

I felt a bit like I was back in that Illinois basement. Silence.

Gosh they sure are skittish I thought. The bottom line was neither would manufacture the asterisk… period. And I don’t think it would have mattered how much I would have paid them.

Finally I found a guy in Texas who said "I'm retiring in a few years and I like the idea...

I'll make them for you.” Thank god for the Texas folk… good baseball fans down there. Now we have our tool for speaking out! A foam asterisk.

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